Welcome to Dealsgo, dealsgo aims to build an society and provide the best discount for Amazon costomers. Also a place for Amazon sellers to promote their products. 

In our website, you can find the latest free offers and discount deals. 

Here are some frenquently asked questions, these would be helpful if you don't know where to start. 


Q: How can I get free offers?

A: You can click the "message us" on the right button of the website. Let us know which free offer are you looking for, we will assist you from there. 


Q:How many products can I choose?

A: You can get one free product each time. Once you finish the task, you can get another one. 


Q: Do you have anything else?

A: All of the free offers we have have been online. Still, we are recurting more seller to provide more items, you can leave a message for what you need so that we could try to find them for you. 


Q: How will you refund 

A: We will refund via paypal. 


Q: Do you cover paypal fee and tax?

A: We will cover paypal fee but no tax.


Q: How to guarantee that I can get a refund?

A: Dealsgo promise a 100% customer satisfiction. We will hold an earnest deposit from seller to guarantee your refund. 


Q: What if Amazon deletes the review?

A: In that case, you can leave an feedback for seller and you will still get your refund. 




Q: How do I join Dealsgo?

A: Please send an Email to marketing@dealsgo.com, we will help you from there.