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SUNPIN Waist Trimmer (blue) - Fits waist from 28'' to 40'' The SUNPIN Waist Trimmer is made to help you burn fat FASTER, which is a must for shedding weight and keeping it off, can easily be adjusted as you lose weight for a comfort fit every time. Plus, the anti-scratch material reduces chaffing and irritation while being worn. We take pride in our workmanship and want you to know that we make every effort to make the perfect exercise accessory. NOTE - Wear the sweat sauna belt for no longer than 2-3 hours every time. Please don’t wear it while sleeping. - Do not wash the waist trimmer in the washing machine, it will stretch or damage the fabric. WARRANTY - The waist trimmer comes with a 1 year which safeguards against defects.

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Color: Blue

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